Dharma(Virtue), Satya(Truth) and Nyaaya(Justice)is the foundation of our ancient Indian society and jurisprudence. Various Saints, Sages, Authors and Social reformist from our ancient society has put these three as the basic pillar for our civilized culture and society. These are required not only for the governance of any state but it is must for the overall development of any society and individual.

Taking this mission ahead along with the blend of Indian Constitution and other enacted laws, Ramniwas Surajmal is spreading the social justice by delivering Dharma(Virtue), Satya(Truth) and Nyaaya(Justice) in the society. We at Ramniwas Surajmal wants to standup with each and everyone to protect their legal rights so as to bring happiness, prosperity and peace in their life.

Ramniwas Surajmalis full fledged corporate law firm providing legal services to corporate houses, companies and organizations of various sizes along with Individual persons to establish their legal rights. We are having team of lawyers expertizing in various branches of judiciary right from Companies Law, Labour Law, Environmental Law, Family and Personal Laws including all kinds of Civil and Criminal cases.

We provide legal services in all kinds of Lower Courts(Civil and Criminal Courts) and various Tribunals along with High Courts of Karnataka and West Bengal. We represent our clients in Hon’Ble Supreme Court of India with our established panel of lawyers who specializes in handling Supreme Court cases.

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